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Food & Merchandise Vendor Information

Date: Mar 26 - Apr 05, 2020

All Merchandise and Food Vendors are cautioned to read carefully the following rules and regulations, as it will be strictly enforced, without deviation of any kind. The following guidelines are not all-inclusive, are applicable to all Merchandise and Food Vendors and will be enforced. Failure of Vendor to comply with these guidelines shall cause Vendor to forfeit all the rights to said space and rental thereon.


The South Texas State Fair, YMBL operated, will be held at Ford Park, Beaumont, Texas, March 26 - April 5, 2020 inclusive unless postponed or extended by the Board of Directors, all of which they hereby claim and reserve the right to do, from any cause whatsoever they may deem necessary for the general good of all concerned.


Application for space in the exhibit hall or on the grounds may be mailed to the Young Men's Business League, South Texas State Fair, 7250 Wespark Drive, Beaumont, Texas 77705 or emailed to info@ymbl.org


Space may be requested by filling out the Indoor or Outdoor “Space Application”. Applications must include a description, photos and/or literature about the products or services to be displayed and/or sold.

Remember, no payment is required until the application is approved and contract is issued.

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Food & Merchandise Vendor Information
Mar 26 - Apr 05, 2020
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