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Exotic Petting Zoo, Camel & Pony Rides

Date: May 20 - May 30, 2021
The PETTING ZOO includes nearly every animal you can think of — from the most exotic to the typical farm animal. Grab a handful of tasty treats and see which animals are hungry. Kids can see up close those species they have only read about or have seen in the movies. Hand-sanitizing stations are located just outside the petting zoo.

CAMEL RIDE: Come take a ride on a majestic animal that has crossed the world's deserts for hundreds of years. A camel ride is perfect for each little adventurer to view the carnival atop a camel’s back. Each ride is $7.00. Open daily.

PONY RIDES: Pony rides are perfect for each little cowboy and cowgirl. Beautiful Welsh ponies walk carousel-style for their young riders. Each ride is $7.00 per child, and photos are available for purchase. Open daily.

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