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Friday night at the fair

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Friday night at the fair

Cat 5 Blog

This is the last weekend for the South Texas State Fair, so if you haven’t been yet, you’ve got until the gates close Sunday.

Friday’s music line-up may be the best of the whole run, with two fantastic blues acts who will tear the house down: Shinyribs Russell and Hamilton Loomis.

Shinyribs Russell has a lock on country swamp blues and has a huge following in Austin and Houston. He gets almost psychedelic sometimes with that peddle slide, so it should be a wonderful show.

If you think you’re not familiar with Shinyribs, you’re probably mistaken. Remember this Snoop Dogg cover from his band The Gourds?


And Hamilton Loomis? He’s been playing since his grandfather gave him a drum set at age 4. He played with his family’s doo-wop band in his teens, had his first performance with Bo Diddley at 16 and fronted his own six-piece cover band by age 17.

He’s in his 30s now and still bringin’ the blues. His songs are gritty, sexy, gravy blues and soul standards that make him seem well beyond his years.


The Miller Lite Beer Garden will have all the booze you need all night and if you get bored with the music (as if!), there’s pig races nearby and a whole midway full of greasy food.

Pro Tip: On Sunday — the final day of the fair — you can get in free if you bring six empty Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper cans. Those who bring the empties can also pick up an unlimited ride wristband for $20.

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